Poker Calculator Announcement: Hold em Pirate and Hold em Hawk Forbidden by Poker Stars

Since the Party Poker failure last fall, Poker Stars has surfaced as the undeniable head in sheer quantities of online poker players. They’ve the biggest tournaments, the most active tables, the largest cash games, along with the quickest filling sit and go tournaments on-line. With that comes strength – the power to pick your partners, internet marketers, and closer to our point; appropriate computer software.

Lengthy have I been promoting Hold em Hawk and Hold em Pirate (they are actually the exact same) poker calculators as easy to use and visibly satisfying poker calculators. Recently though, these solutions have pushed the boundaries of acceptable use, a minimum of inside the view of Poker Stars, and hence have been prohibited from use on that internet site. This is depressing news, as a good product, not unlike a number of of the suitable software allowed by Stars, is now virtually grounded because the biggest poker web site on the planet thinks it is too closely connected to an Operative Poker Calculator.

An Operative Poker Calculator is similar to a secret agent working for you, amassing and digging through player data that you’ll be able to use on them later on. The thing is, you don’t need to be at the table for this to take place. The software program (database) is working all of the time for you. For most poker websites, which is over the line of justness, just as in real life as well.

Except Hold em Pirate and Holdem Hawk are really Empirical Poker Calculators, just the same as Hold em Indicator is. These kinds of poker calculators only gather details on your opponents when you are at the table, just like you were betting in an actual situation.

So why the Poker Stars Smack? Here’s an actual warning I was sent from Poker Stars whilst running Hold em Pirate:

Following an overview of your account, we uncover that you’re running an external program knownas Poker Sherlock, or its associated applications, Poker Edge, PokerBotPro, Hold em Hawk and Hold em Pirate……PokerStars shall be entitled to take such action as it sees fit, including immediately blocking entry to the Games to such User, closing such User’s account with PokerStars and confiscating all money held in the relevant Poker Stars "actual cash account".

Hey, did you notice the "appropriating all monies" line? That’s what you can do whenever you are this massive!

The "related applications" is the origin of the trouble. The organization that created Hawk and Pirate also generate Poker Edge and PokerBotPro, which are data miners. Actually, I believe that Stars suspects Hawk and Pirate really gather data for these similar products, while looking like an Empirical Poker Calculator on the surface.

So therein lays the root of the trouble. If you take place to bet on on Stars and have Hawk or Pirate, you might be out of luck, as I have attempted to alter this ruling. I got a courteous reply from the personnel at Poker Stars, but actually, it is not likely to change. The good news though is that Hold em Indicator has been added to Poker Stars appropriate computer software list, and it is the only empirical calculator to be accepted by them.

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